With the best marketing tools and expertise in the Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas area market, The Flanagan Group is the best choice for selling your property. The Flanagan Group has 30 years’ experience in the real estate market and consistently sell on average over 75 more properties than other agents in the area. By using strategic systems and developed marketing plans to enhance your properties chances of getting seen by the right buyers at the right times, The Flanagan Group will provide extensive marketing help throughout the selling process, from staging, to closing. These marketing systems include target marketing in desired areas, social media, a website, direct mail, knowledge gained by being a buyer’s agent, and a database of contacts and potential buyer’s to pull from. With The Flanagan Group in your corner, selling your home will be a success

The Flanagan Group Home Selling Process

  1. Find out about the property and the seller

    In order to sell a home, The Flanagan Group learns everything about the property and the sellers. We tour the property, take measurements and pictures, and evaluate the surrounding area. To The Flanagan Group, it is equally important to know the seller as it is to know the property. We discuss seller goals, such as a time frame and price range. The Flanagan Group wants to familiarize themselves as much as possible with your home and your seller goals in order to sell your property as quickly as possible.
  2. Determine the right selling price

    The Flanagan Group makes sure that you are selling your home for the right price. The Flanagan Group has many resources in order to do this, the first being a Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA. This is an in-depth analysis of similar homes on the market and what they are selling for, as well as the range of money buyers have been spending. The Flanagan Group also has current listings and trends as a resource. We use current listings for the same reason we use a CMA, to compare similar homes’ prices so that we set your home at the right price. After looking at the market and other homes, The Flanagan Group makes adjustments if needed to the final home selling price and settles on a price.
  3. Listing Agreement

    After a price has been reached, a listing agreement must be signed. A listing agreement is simply the seller giving The Flanagan Group permission to show and sell their home. A time limit is set, and the seller and agent both sign the agreement. Once this step is complete, the home is officially on the market and ready to sell!
  4. Marketing the home

    The Flanagan Group recognizes that marketing is a key element to selling a home and have perfected the process over their 30 years’ of operation. With knowledge of marketing strategies that produce results, The Flanagan Group will put your home on numerous marketing avenues to reach a ride variety audience. The Flanagan Group will make use of their Facebook page, website, current buyer’s list, direct mail, and an extensive list of contacts and potential buyers in order to sell your home. The Flanagan Group will stop at nothing to get your home circulating and seen by potential buyers.
  5. Monthly Review

    Once a home is on the market, The Flanagan Group finds it beneficial to continue to review its status and the interest it is receiving. The Flanagan Group will schedule open houses and other showings for the property and use the feedback received in their monthly review. Over the month, The Flanagan Group will continue to review competitors and apply this to their month review, as well. Flanagan Agents stay in the know with our properties and at the end of the month will make any price change suggestions or marketing changes that they see fit. The monthly review is another tool The Flanagan Group has proved effective in selling a property.
  6. From Contract to Keys

    Once your home attracts the right buyer and an offer is made and agreed upon, The Flanagan Group sees you through all the necessary paperwork. We handle all the closing procedures, making sure that contracts are signed, inspections made, and funds collected. The Flanagan Group wants you to be successful in selling your property and will see you through till the end, when the keys are handed to the new owners.


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