Halloween is quickly approaching, friends! Over the centuries, it’s a holiday that has transitioned from a pagan ritual to a day of costumes, pumpkin carving, stories that’ll scare your socks off, and, of course, collecting candy with your little ones! 

And, the great part of sharing Halloween with us? We just happen to know the absolute BEST neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Joplin!

Obviously you want to start with the neighborhood holding the best Halloween candy reputation: Roanoke. The winding sidewalks loop through to every house stocked to the rooftops with candy. But, you have to get there early! The gravitational pull to this area is strong on Halloween. And, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the prime spot for candy!

If traveling to the north side of the city is a little too far of a journey for you, go to the heart! Eastmoreland’s neighborhood may not be as vast as Roanoke; but, they're just as eager to supply a sugar rush to your costume-clad kiddos.

Or, perhaps you reside on the south side of Joplin. Stop in at Arbor Hills and trick-or-treat through this close-knit neighborhood! This quiet area harbors some truly spectacular houses, with candy stashes to match!

Have fun and we wish you luck in gathering the best candy possible. But, even though Halloween is a night for fun and “shenanigans”, safety should also be practiced while out and about. So, stay safe, friends!