You can always rely on winter to provide a copious amount of time to sit at home. The snow and ice weather combinations make it risky to venture farther than your driveway, right? On top of that, it's way too cold! We talked about how its time to “buckle down” and get organized in Change Your World. So, take advantage of being at home to tackle the task! And, if you’re knee-deep in the internal struggle, debating the purchase of a first home, making sure your credit score is at a high should be part of your tidying routine!

A low credit score can indicate you’re a risky borrower, in the eyes of a mortgage lender, and will play a large part in determining the terms offered. But, a higher score? Those can produce a smaller monthly premium payment.

The question that generally tends to pop into the minds of most?
“What’s a good credit score?”

Some loans (like an FHA) take a minimum score of 580, and others (like Conventional) require 740 or higher. This isn’t anything to stress or fret about, though! We’ve got some tips to help you raise that score and get you ready to buy!

To start with, keep your credit card charges below 30% of your available credit card limit. Credit cards shouldn’t be used for large purchases! Keep it simple, and paying that monthly bill will be so much easier. And try, try, try to make your payments on time - to any and all creditors you may be forwarding money to. 

Turning a low credit score around is no quick task! These fixes normally take a month or two before your credit score begins to reflect the changes. So, keep it positive and stay patient, friends! Your dream of owning a home can be a reality in just a few short months!