Below freezing temperatures are an inevitable aspect of the winter months. And, a common fear that circulates with the colder seasons is the possibility of a couple of frozen or busted water pipes. Staunch that fear, friends! We’ve got some useful tips to help avoid making that frozen pipe fear a reality.

For a short term fix, particularly on the nights where the temperatures plummet below 20 degrees, be sure to leave your heat at a constant from day to night, even during bedtime hours or when you aren’t home. If you leave your under-the-sink cabinet doors open, it’ll allow that warmer air to circulate through, keeping your pipes at room temperature. Letting all of your faucets drip over night can also help prevent frozen pipes.

If you’re looking for more of a long term solution, make sure your property is properly insulated! Any and all exposed pipes in your garage or crawl spaces are more susceptible to freezing, so get them covered!

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Stay safe, and stay warm, friends!