Dog Days of Summer

Summer. Need we say more?   Don’t get us wrong, there are so many great characteristic within the season. But. Mid-Summer temperatures can be almost unbearably warm, and the idea of venturing outside for longer than an hour can make your stomach turn. Have no fear, friends! We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you beat the heat during the dog days of summer!   Obviously, you can always resort to the most classic of all with a water balloon fight. But, for...

Giving Back Locally

Friends, family, and fellow community members, we're reaching out to you!

We absolutely love donating to kids in need! And, this time, we're opening the door to all of you!  The accompanying is a list of school supplies needed for each grade level. We will be donating supplies to Bright Futures to hand out to those in need for the start of the new school year. If you should choose to participate, this is an excellent opportunity to give back...

A Change Would Do You Good

Change is such a necessary part of our lives. It allows room for growth, and we gain knowledge and perspective along the way. And regardless of your current life-stage, there is never a bad time to allow the opportunity for the shift. As we’ve mentioned before, there’s a specific plan, floating around in the back of your mind, for where you want your life to be once you’ve hit a certain age range. It’s completely realistic to plot and dream! And, even...

Life Is What You Make It

Everyone has a general life plan. Even if they’ve convinced themselves otherwise, there’s a goal floating around, deep in the back of their mind. And, whether you claim the thoughts or not, that’s one of the marvelous things about life – you’re free to envision any potential future for yourself. No beginning is ever too small. No investment is ever too large.

And, with this area’s desire for growth, a boost in interest for the purchase of...

Celebrate With Pride

Summer has official come out of hiding!

As we sit on the eve of July, an excited anxiety bubbles from within. Independence Day is upon us, friends! In just a few short days, we will be celebrating an event that was once considered a radical idea.

Let's throw it back a few years (or 241)..

When the Revolutionary War began to percolate, in the year 1775, and battles were initiated, only a few colonists had wanted to become independent from Great Britain. But, by...

Get Your Kicks

To those living in Joplin, or even the surrounding area, driving Route 66 is the same as taking Main Street. The majority of Joplinites utilize the historic path nearly every day. But, have you ever really explored our little portion of the Mother Road through the eyes of a tourist? If you haven’t traveled the highway, you should! As an important part of America’s history, it’s an experience that all community members should partake in.

For those of you who don&rsquo...

Aren’t You Curious?

Joplin is an ever growing city. And, like any city, Joplin also has a history. But how often do you legitimately think about it? Or ponder what areas were most attractive to settlers back in the day? Curiosity can lead to many great findings. 

Imagine yourself placed in the late19th century – the right to vote is no longer based on race or servitude, Republicans turned into elephants, and the telephone and can opener are newly developed entities.


Rising From The Rubble

“On the count of three, we inaugurate this medical school!”

If you attended the event Tuesday afternoon, this brief, yet powerful, statement should ring familiarity. On June 6th, 2017, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences cut the ribbon and opened the new Joplin campus. The first Missouri medical school in nearly 50 years! How proud and honored are we?!

Joplin’s community is quickly being rebuilt, rising from the rubble like a phoenix, after the horrifically devastating tornado in 2011.


Express Yourself

When the storm clouds break, and the sun shines through, you get a little pep in your step, right? That frisky feeling bubbles to the surface, and you can’t help but smile and step outside of the normal routine. Don’t even try to hide it! We’re right there with you, goofy grins and all. But, there’s one other thing we’ve become attuned to..

Can you feel it?!

Joplin is buzzing with those crazy creative vibes!...

Renew. Energize. Donate.

It’s that time of year again, friends. RED Day is upon us, here at Keller Williams, and we couldn’t be more excited!

“RED Day isn’t about cleaning up a park. It is a one-day expression of what happens 24/7 in the Keller Williams culture. It is seeing a need, discovering who can meet that need and then getting it done."

For those of you who are unfamiliar:

RED stands for Renew, Energize...

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