Are you currently trying to sell your house? Don’t get discouraged if your home has been on the market longer than you had originally hoped. Sometimes, you just need to take a page out of the past to figure out what needs to be done to help you sell more quickly! So, today, we’re going to throw it back to the 1980’s for some advice from Sylvia Porter, who frequented the Lost Angeles Times Syndicate with an article titled “Your Money’s Worth”. This specific article delves into ideas on why your house isn’t selling, and gives tips on how to remedy the situation!

  • If you’re having trouble selling, she says, “bite the bullet” – drop that listing price! There’s a chance you might be overpricing your home. You see more value in the property simply because you put countless hours and copious amounts of work into molding it to fit your desires; however, that won’t necessarily match someone else’s idea of a “dream”. Very few home improvements pay for themselves – with the exception of a modernized kitchen. Keep in mind, when you have an extra room built on, it costs you more than it would have if the room had been added on when the original construction took place. Lower your price and watch the buyers stream in!
  • Maybe, all you need to do is “spruce up the old homestead”. Buyers like fresh, sparkling houses, even if the decorations aren’t exactly their taste. Fresh paint is always a great start, but keep it on the neutral end of the color spectrum. Earth-tones are an easy pick, and allow the buyer to imagine their own color options without that deep red botching their ability to fantasize!
  • You can always “liven up the place” with something living! Get a couple of plants or bright colored flower bouquets. Both can add a bit of color, without being too overwhelming (specially if you’ve just repainted with those drab neutral tones). A little dash of green could be just what you need! If you’re not really a “plant person”, spring for some new doorknobs or light fixtures. Give that old house some pep!
  • Ask friends or neighbors to give your house the once-over, and to be frank with their remarks. You might be too used to certain odors imbedded in the carpeting to notice, but your neighbors will definitely be able to smell them! Or, it might even be that your personal imprint is too strong throughout the house. Buyers may be scared off if the house seems to belong indelibly to the homeowner. Having an outsider’s perspective is rarely a bad thing, so invite those neighbors over for a quick tour!
  • Spread the word! You may have a hardworking agent on your side, trying to spread the word about your house in every way they know, but you can always lend a hand. Ask your agent for tips on how you could help get the word out about the sale of your home.

And, most importantly, don’t panic. Every property is different! The amount of time a home spends on the market is not a true reflection of the value. But, these helpful tips, extended by our friend Sylvia Porter, will deliver a definite aid to quicken the pace of your sale. Naturally, your agent will be suggesting these easy steps to attract buyers while your house is on the market. But, if not, get them on the phone! If they’re like us, here at The Flanagan Group, they’ll be eager to answer questions, provide professional advice, and extend tips on how to spark interest!