The overwhelming heat of summer is slowly being staunched by a slight crispness in the air. Can you feel it? Fall is only a month away, friends! And we are most definitely in the midst of a slow transition into a new season. 

Though we’re not quite to the weather appropriate for bonfires and blankets, we are, however, among the temperatures that make for a pleasant walk – especially for those of you who are in the market to buy a home! 

In the heart of Joplin rests Eastmorland. With Joplin’s many attractions close by, this section of the city plays host to some of the most well-manicured lawns and gardens of the area. Or take a stroll through the downtown area and grab a bite to eat! Murphysburg is a close distance and makes a great backdrop for a walk of any length. With elegant homes that stand proudly along the streets lined with grand oak trees, this historical treasure stretches from 7th Street and Moffet to 1st Street and Sergeant. Another oldie, but goodie is a little further north. The epitome of reservation and comfort, as you walk the consistently quiet streets, Roanoke is one of Joplin’s hidden gems.

And, if you stumble across a house that you'd like to buy, while on your walk, give us a call! We'd love to help you in any way we can!