We all know, in the Joplin area, it’s extremely difficult to shop for, and afford, healthy foods. Sure, there are a couple of small-scale places to find foods that can potentially help you take control of your own health. BUT. You really have to search for them, and they’re usually anchored with some pretty high prices for their products. Even pop-up shops, like the Farmer’s Market, are only around once a week during the warmer months.

How excited would you be if we had a year-round, easily accessible, grocery store that sold nothing but high quality and affordable organic foods?

Did you answer with every form of “yes” in existence, like we did? Get ready to fangirl for a minute, because Gil Stevens, of The Flanagan Group, recently closed the sale of a commercial property that will soon be remodeled into such a place. That’s right! Joplin is gaining a Natural Grocers!! So, if one of your resolutions for 2017 was to “eat healthier”, the universe is throwing some seriously positive vibes in your direction. The building on 510 Rangeline Road will be transformed into a grocery store, offering nothing but organic foods.

Natural Grocers is a specialty retailer featuring organic and natural groceries, body care and dietary supplements, as well as offering affordable prices and free nutrition education.

Founded in 1955, by Margaret and Philip Isley, who funded the business with no more than $200 and a dream that everyone should be able to afford a healthy lifestyle and be empowered to take control of their own health. They found their inspiration when Margaret became chronically ill and conventional medicine couldn’t help her. The Isley’s turned to health principles to heal Margaret’s body with nutrition, which included eating nutrition-dense foods and taking dietary supplements. Finding remarkable improvements, the two then became crusaders, going door-to-door in Golden, Colorado, lending books on nutrition and giving out samples of whole grain bread; returning a few weeks later to discuss nutrition and take orders for supplements, the bread and other natural, nourishing foods.

They taught people in the area that nutrition education is the foundation for building health and being in control of your life, and that healthy living should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Some of their most important innovations have been decisions that bucked the trends of the natural food industry itself – like going against the advice of all the high paid health industry business consultants on product placement and organization. Rather than setting the majority of their supplement department by brand, Natural Grocers organizes by section, so customers can easily compare similar products and choose one that is best for them. How great is that? Not only is health and health education a priority, but so is the desire to keep things easy and simple for the customer! They also have strong goals toward the betterment of the environment and the assistance of global warming reversal.

So, keep an eye out for an opening date, friends! We’ll be in line right along with you to see what Natural Grocers has to offer.