Life in the Midwest is a beautiful thing. And most definitely comical to those who live on the outside of our little bubble of an area. Trends and traditions are vastly different from those experienced elsewhere. And, if you’re an outsider, you notice each and every strange practice, staring bewildered and amazed as you pass by.

The Joplin Globe’s Marti Attoun recently submitted a column, titled “Garage Sitting is an Ozarks thing”, which highlights one of the more Spring-driven trends. And it could not be more accurate! “Have you noticed how people around here sit in their garages?” Driving around neighborhoods, during Springtime here in Joplin, regardless of the weather, tags an image of wide open garage doors with people sitting inside, contentedly chatting and watching the world!

It’s a subtle appreciation that most people blink past. Rather than being glued to technology, they shield themselves from the elements in a highly under-rated room as they take to an old-school form of bonding. Content to enjoy the outdoors, absorbing their surroundings and relishing the company or quiet.

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