You’d never know how versatile a small city, like Joplin, can be unless you become familiar with the people floating around the community, as well as the events that take place. In the last few years, events in the Joplin area have slowly crept into the norm, and whole sections of the city close down to accommodate. And, this weekend, the Celebration Committee is hosting their annual Emancipation Park Days!
Similar to celebrating Cinco de Mayo, or even St. Patrick’s Day, Emancipation Park Days is a cultural event. Utilized to celebrate, and educate on, African-American freedom and achievements, this three-day affair kicks off on Friday, August 4th, at 4:00 PM in Ewert Park, and extending on to Sunday, August 6th.
Park Days has been a Joplin tradition since 1914, promising soulful sounds of gospel music and the smoky scent of barbecue. Enjoy the live entertainment and company, reunite with old friends, celebrate a long-lost heritage and share in a little old-fashioned summertime festivity!
Joplin is quickly becoming a desired place to live. So, join in on the fun, food, energy, and memories! You may even be compelled to make the move, and join the community!