Summer. Need we say more?
Don’t get us wrong, there are so many great characteristic within the season. But. Mid-Summer temperatures can be almost unbearably warm, and the idea of venturing outside for longer than an hour can make your stomach turn. Have no fear, friends! We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you beat the heat during the dog days of summer!
Obviously, you can always resort to the most classic of all with a water balloon fight. But, for those of you with adventurous souls, we suggest a game of Sponge Launch! Because, honestly, when it involves a giant sling-shot, you know it’s going to be a blast. This game holds all of the same great qualities as a water balloon fight, but, instead of balloons, you’ll be launching sponges at each other. With a sling-shot! How fun, right?!
Don’t have a sling-shot? No problem! Give Water Pong a try. This two-person game only requires a volleyball (or a rubber ball of similar size), and 6-12 giant buckets of water. Divide the buckets in half, arrange as you wish, and aim for the buckets of your opponent! Each time you land your ball in a bucket, the bucket is removed from the game. The person who loses all of their buckets, loses the game. But, there's no real "loser" when you still have giant buckets of water to play with after the game is over!
Maybe you have bad aim? We’ve still got your back! Have a frozen t-shirt race. Soak a couple of t-shirts in water, put them in plastic bags, and stick them in the freezer for a day. Once the shirts are frozen, have a race to see who can defrost and pull a shirt on the fastest! 
Or, perhaps you want something a little more low-key? We’ve got listings for you to view, answers for all of your real estate questions, comfy seating, and an air conditioned office. Stop by for a visit! We’d love the company!