Joplin is an ever growing city. And, like any city, Joplin also has a history. But how often do you legitimately think about it? Or ponder what areas were most attractive to settlers back in the day? Curiosity can lead to many great findings. 

Imagine yourself placed in the late19th century – the right to vote is no longer based on race or servitude, Republicans turned into elephants, and the telephone and can opener are newly developed entities.

Founded in the late 1800s by Reverend Harris G Joplin, this miraculous city struck popularity by its mining success. Our little community developed and prospered in a very short amount of time. Businesses rolled in, and residential districts grew. But, did you also know the oldest neighborhood in Joplin still stands tall?

The Murphysburg District makes for a pleasant backdrop while wandering the tree-lined sidewalk. Stretching from 1st Street and Sergeant to 7th Street and Moffet, the rich and vibrant history lends an air of excitement to the atmosphere. Some of the first businessmen of the area began building homes after Patrick Murphy, an early Mayor of Joplin, purchased 41 acres of land near what is now known as downtown Joplin.

Samuel Austin Allen, son of an early Joplin pioneer, grew up in the area. Returning in 1903, after he had finished his post graduate degree, at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts, school of Architecture in Paris, France, he quickly took on projects as families of the Murphysburg District began commissioning him to design several homes in the neighborhood.

Fascinatingly unique, with architectural styles inspired by Spanish Missions, German castles, and American Foursquare, the individuality of each home is unrivaled. If these homes could talk, we like to believe they’d tell stories of new beginnings and growth! Pocketed in the heart of Joplin and historically preserved, you can’t help but stare in awe as you pass through the neighborhood of these monumental structures. Can you picture the lives of those who turned their dream homes into reality, and took ownership of reputations naming them Joplin’s foremost citizens?

This is an area that shouldn’t be overlooked. Go take a walk! Enjoy the scenary and get lost in the thought of what once was. Who knows? You might even be inspired to buy a patch of land and build your own elegantly structured home in one of Joplin’s newest developing districts!